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Hey everyone! I have a couple of shinies for trade here! Message me offers. Pretty much everything is for trade besides the two eevees. The top three rows are all Kalos born/caught and I expect the same in return.

For the shinies that have their stats up they are competitive and I’d like the same in return.


I have an extra Aggronite, pinsirite, medichamite, heracronite, and mewtwonite Y and X!

I have around 700 battle points so I could get you any battle maison item!

I have extras of every evolution item and evolution stones! If you want these I may trade for something like a five IV competitive Pokemon, doesn’t have to be a shiny.

Lastly I have left overs and lucky eggs I could trade!

Okay some things I’m looking for are tyranitarite, manectrite, and some other competitive shinies! If you have a competitive shiny starmie I may be interested. If you have a competitive shiny trevenant with the ability harvest I am definitely interested in that.